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We were honoured to be granted the prestigous QUEEN'S AWARD FOR ENTERPRISE INTERNATIONAL TRADE 2001. For more information click here.




Malmic Lace Ltd manufacture a comprehensive range of Barmen laces sometimes referred to as Cluny or Tortion Lace and giving a crochet/macrame look. Traditionally in white or natural, we also supply these laces in an exciting range of colours, ribbon slotted, stretch, metallics and produced with a variety of yarns.

Malmic Lace Ltd also manufacture elastic, rigid braids and cords and supply an extensive range of other types of lace and trimmings.

Please browse this web site for information of our company background and stimulating range. Our range is not on display here because we firmly believe in personal contact with our customers & working together to select which of our trimmings are most beneficial to them. To obtain more detailed information please click the contact button for a guide to our global network of agents or to use our quick entry form.

Trimmings offer great value as they can increase the worth of the product they grace by much more than the original cost of the trim. Can we increase the value of the products you or your customers sell? We have the experience and expertise that only market leaders can offer. 

When it comes to trimmings make Malmic Lace your accessory.

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