Accessories pour les industries de la mode...Dentelle au fuseau passamenterie, rubans, cordans et galons elastiqués...Passamenterie d’ameublement...Franges...Agents dans le monde entier.      Fabbricanti di tutti i tipi di passamenerie moda...Fabbricanti di pizzi a tombolo, trecce e bordure.....

Malmic Lace Limited produce an extensive range of laces, trimmings, elasticated and rigid braids, cords and ric-racs at their factory in Nottingham, UK.


We also supply raschel laces, guipures, broderaise anglais, furnishing trimmings, sequin trims, fringes, tassels, and flower trims.

Our Barmen lace range, sometimes referred to as Cluny or Tortion, extends to some 1500 designs with each design available in a range of coloured and metallic yarns

Our braided elastic includes a range from 3mm to 32mm on plastic cards in small make-up for retail use. We have a reeled elastic range for the manufacture and produce elasticated cord.

We also manufacture a variety of rigid braids, rigid cords and ric-racs.

Our expertise and versatility allows us to develop new lines which means we now offer an enticing range of trimmings. 

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